Single lesson

Taking part in a South Kite Sardinya course, as well as making you passionate about a beautiful sport, will give you moments of relaxation and pleasant entertainment in the company of other kitesurfing and outdoor life lovers.

To organize your holiday you can take advantage of our knowledge of the place and the large network of contacts that we have developed over the years. We have collaborations with various managers of local services such as accommodation, car rental, rubber dinghies, e-bikes and quads; we will recommend interesting food and wine experiences, from typical and traditional cuisine to the most elegant and fashionable restaurants. We will entertain your friends and yourself during the hours out of the water with various other activities by sport and cultural clubs and associations with which we collaborate!

With the new Taxi Boat service, you can organize different days by accompanying you and your friends and family, in a few minutes, to the fabulous spots of Punta S'Aliga and Punta Trettu, to give a touch of adventure to your Kite experience in the southwest of the Sardinia.