Kitesurf School

Courses and private lessons for all levels

Course Duration Cost
DISCOVERY 2 Hours 120,00 Euro
BASE 4 Hours 200,00 Euro
INDEPENDENT 6 Hours 300,00 Euro
The "DISCOVERY" and "BASE" courses can be converted into an "INDEPENDENT" course
SINGLE LESSON 1 Hour 60,00 Euro/ora
At the end of the “INDEPENDENT” course the single hours will cost 50 Euro

Single hours

The kite lessons at single hours are useful for those who have already participated in a course and want to perfect their technique, to reach small goals or to refresh what they have learned in a course held some time before.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: 60.00 Euro / hour


The DISCOVERY course is indicated for all people who want to approach this sport for the first time, test their aptitude and evaluate the possibility of attending a course.

Already in the first hour of class, the student will be able to enjoy the emotion transmitted from the Kite power.


Risk identification on the spot
How to unhook from the kite through the quick release system
How to setup the kite independently
Lunch and land the kite as an assistant
Fly the kite  in shallow water and discover the wind windows
Relaunch the kite from the water
Lunch and land with an assistant
Self landing
Disarm the equipment


Course duration: 2 hours

Price: 120.00 Euro / course

* The "DISCOVERY" and "BASE" courses can be converted into an "INDEPENDENT" course


The basic course will take you towards the discovery of wing traction, at the end of these lessons you will have acquired considerable control in the piloting of the kite, you will know how to move in deep water, you will be able to move independently upwind and you will have tried the first experiences with the table in the feet.


Getting in and out of the water while controlling the kite
First discovery of body-drag (in this phase we begin to experience the real traction of the kite)
Body-drag in power (here you learn how to use more power of the kite to move towards the direction of the wind)
Upwind body-drag (essential for board recovery in deep water)
Body drag upwind with the board (this step is important for learning to get away from the beach in deep water, when you are not yet able to use the board).
Discovery of self-rescue (self-rescue maneuver in deep water)
Steady-pull (steady-pull is an exercise that precedes the first starts with the board)
Introduction to the rules of precedence
Departures with the table

Course duration: 4 hours

Price: 200.00 Euro / course

* The "DISCOVERY" and "BASE" courses can be converted, during their development, into an "INDEPENDENT" course

INDEPENDENT COURSE: Become an independent Kiter

The Independent course is a complete course that takes the student from the discovery of the kite to the complete independence.

During these lessons you will learn how to fly the kite through the wind window, how to ride with the board, how to go upwind and all the info and advice to continue your kite experience independently


Risk identification (learn how to understand any dangers on the spot)
How to unhook from the kite through the quick release system
How to setup the kite independently
Lunch and land the kite as an assistant
Fly the kite in shallow water and discover the wind windows
Relaunch the kite from the water
Lunch and land with an assistant
Self landing
Disarm the equipment
Body-drag upwind and with the board
Speed control
Riding upwind

This course is structured to make you become independent kiters and above all to entertain you intensely gliding on the board pulled by the wind.

Course duration: 6 hours

Price: 300.00 Euro / course

At the end of the “INDEPENDENT” course the additional single hours will cost € 50.00.

ADVANCED COURSE: Learn to fly!

Most kiters, after having learned to upwind, immediately want to experience the thrill of taking flight and performing some more advanced maneuvers ...

In the lagoon everything becomes easier, the constant wind and flat water will help you a lot in the execution of these maneuvers.

If you want to become even more familiar with the kite and want to learn new tricks, this is definitely the course for you!

The maneuvers you will learn during the advanced course will give you an excellent basis on which you can continue to work independently and increase your skill level by learning increasingly difficult techniques.


Perform a "pop" (jump without using the wing)
Base jump (combination of "pop" and wing movement)
Jump with transition (change navigation course during the flight)
Back-roll and Front-roll (rotations during flight)

Price: 60.00 Euro / hour

Both short and medium-length cables will be used during the courses , this precaution prevents the kite from generating too much power, simplifies handling and allows the student to progress quickly.

Our courses will always be performed in conditions of maximum safety and thanks to our qualified instructors you will be supported and motivated to reach your goals; the presence of shallow and flat waters will facilitate you during the first phase of the course.